Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the western population and in developing countries. Many aspects related to lifestyles such as smoking, diet, physical activity and consumption of alcohol are jointly responsible for these diseases, just as another fundamental component is the genetic predisposition both in the direct risk and in the one induced by obesity and a diet uncorrect. It is therefore crucial for the prevention of these diseases to carry out both an analysis of the predisposing genetic factors, increasing the number of genes related to them, and the analysis of foods and their improvement in terms of elimination of the active components in the onset of such pathologies.

The general aim of the project is the identification of genetic, molecular and environmental risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. On the basis of the results obtained, we will proceed with the development of tests that allow rapid and accurate diagnosis and in vivo assessment of the antioxidant capacity of functional nutrients, the development of foods and "targeted" supplements for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and the dissemination of scientific evidence for improve education and food hygiene.


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