Integrated Safety Environment Management System

FRIULI INNOVAZIONE, Center for Research and Technology Transfer has always considered environmental and safety issues with great attention, both as areas of expertise in which to develop research initiatives and projects, and as a fundamental prerequisite in the performance of its management activities and operating according to timely and careful compliance with the relevant regulations.

To maintain this constant attention in a phase of rapid growth and development, and to deeply assimilate the culture of the Environment and Safety, Friuli Innovazione has decided to proceed with the construction of the Environmental Management System and the Safety Management System for the dive the site of the Luigi Danieli Science and Technology Park in Udine, in compliance with the international standards OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO 14001: 2004.

Friuli Innovazione, after identifying and assessing the environmental aspects and risks due to accidents, potential accidental failures, emergency situations that may derive from the performance of directly managed activities and those entrusted to third parties and controlled in partnership, has identified priority areas of intervention and sets the objectives listed below.

About its employees and collaborators:

  • prevent situations that may cause damage to the health of employees and staff working on behalf of Friuli Innovazione with reference to the activities carried out at the Friuli Innovazione offices;
  • to promote and implement information / training / training programs to its staff to disseminate the Policy and its implementation programs and provide the necessary skills to avoid significant impacts on the environment and risks and significant hazards to workers' safety and health;
  • sensitize and train all internal staff or those working for it on environmental objectives, as well as on the operating procedures to be adopted to carry out their tasks and achieve the objectives established in respect of the environment and in the best conditions of health and safety at work;

about Environment:

  • monitor the consumption of water and energy resources;
  • to constantly respect the growing social and legislative requirements in the field of environmental and safety protection, by covering them where possible, through proper planning of activities and initiatives in these fields;
  • activate a continuous process of improving the environmental performance of its activities and those carried out in the area on which it may have an influence;
  • correctly manage its environmental aspects with the aim of preventing pollution;
  • adopt the precautions and provisions necessary to prevent, eliminate or reduce environmental pollution;
  • improve the management of waste produced, with particular attention to their differentiation;
  • reduction in the consumption of non-renewable resources;

about others:

  • to promote the culture of respect for the environment, health and safety among the companies hosted in the Science and Technology Park through moments of sensitization;
  • evaluate and select suppliers and contractors also through environmental criteria and compliance with the legislation on workplace safety;
  • promote environmental awareness and in the field of safety between its suppliers and contractors.

Friuli Innovazione undertakes to implement the environment and health and safety policy for workers by ensuring the resources and conditions necessary for its implementation, periodically providing for the review to verify the actual performance and achievement of the objectives indicated.

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