DiEX - Digital Innovation Hub

Friuli Innovazione is a partner and local branch of DiEX, the Digital Innovation Hub centred in the FVG and Eastern Veneto regions and developed according to the guidelines of the National Industry 4.0 Plan.

The partners of DiEX, which was established as ATS, are: Lean Experience Factory (leader), Unindustria Pordenone, Its Kennedy, Its Malignani, Unindustria e Formazione Treviso Pordenone, Technological Pole of Pordenone, Friuli Innovazione, University Consortium of Pordenone, Cluster Furniture and Home System, Digital Technologies District, Mib Trieste School of Management, Comet and Order of Engineers of Pordenone.

DiEX's mission is to support companies in digitisation through the creation of the following services:

Promotion of information activities - training
Identification of the digital innovation needs of companies - Digital Compass
Identification of the digital transformation roadmap of business processes and implementation assistance
Creating contacts with the tech solution providers to implement the projects
Support for new ideas and new business models in the company
Support in the search for private and public financial channels (local, regional, national and European) for project implementation.

The interested companies can make an appointment by getting in touch with the contact person.




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