Business Innovation Consultancy

Where can you find the expertise required for your business? Who can you address to find out what technologies may be of interest to you? Who’s developing research activities on issues that are important to you? Are there any innovations that could be applied to your sector? Is it worthwhile patenting this product?

Ask Friuli Innovazione!

We help your business to become more competitive thanks to the activities of Business Innovation.
How? We identify and transfer the scientific and technological expertise and results developed by universities and research centres within the industrial processes.

For companies to grow and be competitive on the market nowadays, it is essential to disseminate innovation and know-how. This is the main lever to move from a manufacturing productive fabric to a knowledge-based economy.

For this reason we work to promote collaboration between companies and the Scientific and Technological Research System. Just think that over the last three years we have carried out more than 700 project consulting and collaboration activities, facilitating a dialogue between research and business.

How do we proceed?

  • identification of the business’s innovation requirements;
  • research and identification of technical scientific expertise;
  • scouting the availability of innovation;
  • research and identification of businesses that are potentially interested in the research results;
  • promotion of research results;
  • activation of Research-Business collaborations and support in the management of development projects.
Business Innovation Projects


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