PollicIot is a project funded by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia within the scope of the ROP ERDF 2014-2020, activity 1.3 b, which aims at effectively responding to the needs of over 25 million people affected by Alzheimer's disease worldwide, of which 520,000 in Italy alone.

The design concept of PollicIoT offers, in a Smart Health Assisted Living scenario, a complete solution dedicated to assist Alzheimer patients: from a web platform the caregiver will be able to locate the patient or receive alarm notifications if the patient should fall or move out of predefined perimeters, thanks to a wearable device equipped with GPS sensors, and identify the patient's position and movements.

The ultimate goal of PollicIoT is to create a platform to locate people with cognitive disorders and dementia who may move away from where they are living but are unable to return, by developing a solution supporting the caregivers to prevent cases of estrangement or receiving alarms in real time in case of falls, ensuring a timely intervention. The phase of project experimentation, which will take place at ASP Moro in Codroipo, will result in the collection of a database that can be studied for predictive evaluations of abnormal behaviour. The experimentation will also allow to evaluate the improvement in the quality of life of the caregivers thanks to the platform.
A further result will consist in identifying the characteristics of a person's movements, both to recognise abnormal behaviours that may prompt an intervention, and for monitoring purposes to allow identifying signs of worsening of the disease.




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