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Friuli Innovazione is the protagonist in Brussels with the InnoProcur project

  • 11 February 2019

Friuli Innovazione confirms itself to be once again a reality of excellence in Europe, thanks to the award obtained with the InnoProcur project within the Brokerage Event of the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA).

In Brussels, representatives of more than forty of the main European Development Agencies have rewarded the InnoProcur project of Friuli Innovazione. The results of the project were illustrated by Tommaso Bernardini, experienced project manager of Friuli Innovazione, with the second place overall among all the innovative European projects presented.

InnoProcur, conceived and coordinated by Friuli Innovazione, was funded on the European Horizon 2020 program. The main objective of the project is the development of a common European approach that can better support innovative SMEs in participating in PCP - Pre Commercial Procurement and PPI - Public Procurement of Innovation.

"InnoProcur is a cutting-edge project - explains the project manager Bernardini - that looks at the future of SMEs at an international level, because it focuses on forms of public procurement that are fundamental for companies that want to grow in Europe. In fact, with this type of procurement, the traditional purchase logics are eliminated, focused on the long-term references of the supplier and its consolidated presence on the market. Instead, it focuses on innovative products and services able to respond more effectively and quickly to the needs of the public administration and, above all, the citizens. Moreover - says Bernardini - these contracts allow companies to market more quickly innovative solutions (also developed in the context of research projects financed at regional and national level) for which there is not yet a market and, therefore, would risk never see the light".

"The success of InnoProcur - commented the Director of Friuli Innovazione Fabio Feruglio - is a confirmation of the quality and reputation of Friuli Innovation at European level. Being so present and participating in Europe allows us to learn and improve continuously".




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