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Friuli Innovazione in Piemonte and Lombardia to talk about servitization

  • 18 February 2019

Why sell a boiler when you can charge for the consumption of hot water produced? It seems a trivial reversal of perspective, instead it is the change of paradigm at the base of servitization, a concept on which application Friuli Innovazione is bringing its experience also in Piemonte and Lombardia in specific meetings organized in recent days by the ComoNext and Bio Industry Park science parks (Ivrea) with companies.

Objective: to make entrepreneurs more aware of potentials linked to servitization, which is the transition from a product-centered to a service-centered strategy, one of the cornerstones of the companies transformation path towards Industry 4.0 and among the main trends of change in the industrial sector. For Friuli Innovazione will speak the Director Fabio Feruglio, Francesca Pozzar and Tommaso Bernardini, respectively Project Manager and Trainer of the European project THINGS +, financed by the Interreg Central Europe program with almost 2 million Euros to help manufacturing SMEs in Central European countries to start a path of change that helps you stay competitive.

Conceived and coordinated by Friuli Innovazione, THINGS + works to revolutionize the current business models of central European SMEs, focusing on innovation, specialized services and new markets.

Over the course of the project, which will last until May 2020, over 100 companies will be involved to test new innovative models specifically designed to strengthen the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector through the strengthening of support services.

Companies interested in being included in the specialized training courses organized by THINGS + can send their own expression of interest to Friuli Innovazione by March 15, filling in the documentation available on the website in the BANDI section.


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