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Activated the "Networking Tableau" on the ProsperAMnet platform

  • 15 October 2021

The ProsperAMnet Platform is about to extend its functionalities with a new tool, the Networking Tableau by October 2021. With this tool in the inventory for the registered users, companies will have access to a new form of expanding their professional network in a way that can help them in exploring relevant markets and companies previously unknown to them.
The underlying idea behind the Networking Tableau is that the rich relations that exist between companies are often presented on line as well, e.g., companies often list their partners and references on their websites. Not only the outgoing hyperlinks, but the ones that point to company websites from external URLs can also be useful in order to figure out companies that are inpotential (business) relation with each other.
The collection of related companies based on the hyperlink structure of company websitesis something that would impose a tedious job for humans. In order to avoid the need for expensive and time-consuming human labor, the Networking Tableau automatically tracks company websites and returns the collection of websites within the "neighborhood" of the company website entered effortlessly for the users. The returned collection of company websites could then include valuable companies worth to know for the users.

  • For more information, read the September ProsperAmnet newsletter

The tools available on the platform, will be presented during the online event "PMI più innovative, più digitali e più internazionali: metodologie e strumenti dai progetti UE" on 27th october 2021 >

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