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Bio-All | On 27th and 28th october - Final conference and Gear Box Accelerator Demo-Day

  • 18 October 2021

On 27th e 28th october two Bio-All events will be held, organized by BGI at the Associação Industrial Portuguesa and online: the Final Conference and the Gear Box Accelerator Demo-Day.

The two events - organized to capture and promote interest in Bio-All Gear Box Accelerator start-ups - are aimed at the business community, investors, business partners and members eager to learn about the startups accelerated by the Bio-All program and the main results and goals of the project.

On 27 October the project partner staff and invited experts will present the Bio-All Blueprint for the BioHealth sector, the international postgraduate in BioHealth, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the joint international acceleration program and the Bio-All Hub.
The clinic pitch of the new start-up group and the launch of the teams NeuroSoV, VideoOculograph, Clynx, Anti Shock and CureAssist will be held on 28 October.

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