EYE Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - EYE is an initiative of the European Commission designed to improve the entrepreneurial spirit in the EU, the internationalization and competitiveness of recently launched Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and to promote the emergence of new startups.
The Program provides for the one to six month stay of an aspiring entrepreneur (provided with a business plan) or of an entrepreneur who has founded his business for less than three years at the company of a more experienced entrepreneur from another country of the European Union.

Activities and objectives
For new entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs it is a question of experimenting in the field of entrepreneurial activity, alongside a more experienced colleague, acquiring the technical and relational elements useful for understanding the functioning of the production process and the organizational and market dynamics with which they will have to measure themselves.
Erasmus for Entrepreneurs also intends to build a permanent network of young European entrepreneurial experiences and to favor the construction of new international business partnerships starting from the exchanges realized.
How does it work

Who wants to participate must register online by filling in their profile. To do this it is necessary to choose an intermediary body, which will have the role of accompanying the candidate in the registration process, of the choice of the counterparty for the exchange and of support during the period abroad / of reception.
Friuli Innovazione is the only intermediary body of Friuli Venezia Giulia and has accumulated considerable experience in the management of this Program, having participated since the experimental phase in 2008.


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