Valorizing and preserving
the cultural heritage
is a key challenge for the competitiveness
and sustainable growth
in the Italy-Croatia crossborder area.

New trends of the cultural tourism sectors, as digitalization and experimentation of alternative tourism approaches based on living experiences

The project ATLAS is capitalizing the baseline methodology and tools developed by the IPA Adriatic SMART INNO project, and is aimed at supporting the economic growth by stimulating innovative models of cultural tourism and leveraging creation of innovative tourism products, by means of digital technology tools, promotion of new business ideas and improving infrastructure accessibility for disadvantaged groups, that will all contribute to develop competitive tourism destinations and to decrease the seasonality.


Project Partner

Friuli Innovazione, Centro di ricerca e trasferimento tecnologico, Udine, Italia (Lead Partner)
SIPRO, Agenzia di Sviluppo della Provincia di Ferrara, Italia
IDA D.O.O., Agenzia di Sviluppo della Regione Istria, Croazia
TECNOPOLIS, Valenzano (BA) Italia
Distretto culturale PUGLIA CREATIVA, Italia
Università di Pula, Facoltà di economia e turismo, Croazia
Unioncamere Veneto, Italia
STEP RI, Parco scientifico e tecnologico di Rijeka, Croazia

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Ecosystem map
ATLAS Cultural tourism ecosystem map
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