Valorizing and preserving the rich and varied cultural heritage deeply permeating the Adriatic region is a key challenge for the competitiveness and sustainable growth in the Italy-Croatia crossborder area.


New trends of the cultural tourism sectors, as digitalization and experimentation of alternative tourism approaches based on living experiences may represent a key success factor to trigger a radical change toward a bottom-up and integrated vision of cultural tourism policies. 
The project ATLAS aims to support a cultural heritage-based economic growth in the cross-border area, by stimulating new and innovative cultural tourism models. 
ATLAS will capitalize on the methodology developed in SMART INNO project for the development of an innovation-friendly ecosystem, by promoting a diversification of the tourism offer leveraging local assets, experiences and innovative approaches and contributing to the development of local economies. The project aims to enhance the cultural heritage, emphasizing its role as a factor of attractiveness that may be able to create growth, innovate tourism business models, create employment and contributing to a general improvement in the quality of life, making more sustainable the exploitation of the territories and of their peculiarities. 



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