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Friuli Innovazione's Technical-Scientific Steering Committee

  • 14 April 2021

Professor Lorenzo Fedrizzi of the University of Udine is the President of the Technical Scientific Committee (CITS) of Friuli Innovazione which, with Dr. Roberto Siagri - President of Carnia Industrial Park, Professor Giorgio Sulligoi of the University of Trieste, Dr. Luca Miceli of the CRO of Aviano and - from September - Professor Wolfgang Pribyl of the Technische Universität of Graz - will be asked to propose, elaborate and verify the addresses on the scientific topics of Friuli Innovazione. The body will also have the right to propose projects to the Board of Directors and how to develop them.

Prof. Fedrizzi underlines how “thanks to the experience and quality of the members, the Technical-Scientific Steering Committee will be able to support Friuli Innovazione in future strategic choices, identifying development and innovation trajectories”.

“The contribution of the Committee will be decisive for completing the renewal process started at the end of 2020 and consolidating the role of Friuli Innovazione as a national and international center of excellence - comments Eng. Daniele Cozzi, President of the Board of Directors of Friuli Innovazione - The Committee represents a further and important addition of skills, international experience and entrepreneurial vision for our company, to stimulate innovation and increase the competitiveness of the territory ".

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