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The Creative Hub is operational in Udine and Maniago

  • 15 February 2022

Creative Hub is a widespread space designed to make creative ideas grow and shape, generate new and deepen knowledge dedicated to cultural and creative businesses. Not only that, it will be a specialized support center through research and prototyping that it will offer companies and professionals (designers, architects, technologists, etc.) for the development of their ideas and products.

This is a widespread project carried out thanks to the CCI4Tourism project which involves the Friuli Innovazione headquarters in Udine and the FAB LAB FVG in Maniago. In Maniago, the beneficiaries of the initiatives will have the opportunity to give shape to ideas, to test and develop digital technologies as well as applying additive manufacturing approaches and tools for smart and green production.

The Creative Hub will support the Cultural and Creative Enterprises of the territory involved in the CCI4Tourism project which will be able to count on consultancy, training and will be able to use the technological tools of the Creative Hub as machines and digital manufacturing tools to carry out an immediate verification of the results, to create individual products. stimulate or in small series and may also experience the adoption of additive technology for new creative processes and new business opportunities.

Creative Cultural Enterprises who wish to do so will also be able to redesign their business model according to a logic of sustainable change, in particular for digital tourism to be experienced in remote areas and in the mountain area.

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