AIM Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem improvement

Duration: 1 October 2017 - 30 September 2018


AIM's goal is to identify good practices and services for the improvement of an ecosystem that supports the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies by European SMEs. The project intends, through a process of "Peer Learning", to identify services, tools and skills necessary to facilitate the transition of SMEs to new production systems. The final objective is to lay the foundations for the creation of a "Regional Innovation Hub" dedicated to advanced manufacturing technologies in order to support SMEs on technology transfer, the adaptation of skills and the new business models linked to the processes of Industry 4.0 .
Expected results: preparation of a Design Option Paper aimed at verifying the conditions for the organization of an eco-system of services dedicated to advanced manufacturing at a regional level.

Main indicators:

1 Peer Learning activity carried out; Friuli Innovazione participated in Graz in Austria at the 1st peer learning of the AIM project, aimed at developing a common approach to better support SMEs in the adoption of additive technologies. 2 representatives of Joanneum Research in Graz and 2 of TGZ in Bautzen attended the Peer Learning, with the support of the M.Dell facilitator.

Partner: Joanneum Research (Austria), TGZ (Germany)



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