Progetto Nächste

Nächste Project stands as a meeting point between the entrepreneur and the technology to prevent business risks related to information security and actively encourage the activity and planning through the optimization of information systems.

Project Nächste operates mainly in the field of information security for which it covers all relevant sectors, from privacy to physical and logical security of data. The guidelines applied are those of the ISO 27001 International Standard which specifies the requirements to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve an information security management system in the context of an organization.
Project Nächste is an innovative startup that makes use of over 20 years of experience in the information technology, manufacturing and services sectors. Its name derives from German and is used to refer to something that is about to arrive: the near future, in fact, which will bring a new approach to information security and to which Nächste Project is already prepared.

Information security

Information is a fundamental asset that contributes to the value of a company and therefore must be better protected. It is essential to correctly manage the information for the operation and survival of the company. Today the information is kept mainly on computer media and it is necessary to guarantee the security of this data. In a world where IT risks caused by breaches of security systems (cybercrime), failures, accidents and bad practices are constantly increasing, it is essential to have an accurate management of internal information systems by adopting all the information security measures (cyber security) necessary:

  • GDPR for SMEs: technical, legal and contractual evaluation;
  • conformity and Certification ISO / IEC 27001: 2013: consultancy for the implementation and certification of Information Security Management Systems according to ISO / IEC 27001: 2013;
  • risk Assessment: protection of the company from risks deriving from information security incidents;
  • IT assessment: analysis of the critical aspects of the company information system;
  • training: dissemination of information security culture for greater awareness;
  • advice: a useful, flexible and active coaching.


The company information systems are and will increasingly support the company's business. We provide all the necessary resources for the coordination of innovation projects in the software area, systems integration and technical office and support for the development of strategic IT projects:

  • IT Manager: analysis, design and implementation of information systems;
  • software selection and system integration: selection and integration of heterogeneous applications and information systems;
  • IT improvement of processes: analysis, definition, optimization and monitoring of company processes;
  • consulting: Consultancy and support services for the development of technological innovation projects.

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