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Thanks to Friuli Innovazione PromoTurismo FVG develops your idea for tourism

  • 6 December 2018

Friuli Innovazione hosts PromoTurismo FVG for the ATLAS workshop dedicated to regional tourism operators: it will create a tourism product developed by the participants.

The workshop for tourism operators will take place on 11 December and will give the opportunity to participants to present their idea for tourism to Bruno Bertero, marketing director of PromoTurismo FVG and Destination Manager expert in management of participatory processes. It will be him who selects the idea of ​​a product that is more coherent with the strategies of the regional body in order to realize it concretely.

This is an opportunity for the participants to put to good use what has been learned in the previous workshops and above all to align their project with the PromoTurismo strategy, building experiences to be promoted through the tourism agency. The aim is therefore to provide participants with the tools to create a successful product that is consistent with those of PromoTurismo. An opportunity not to be missed, especially for operators who more than others see in the networks between operators and tourism bodies, the key to the development of a more competitive and complete proposal.
And this is also one of the main objectives of the Interreg ATLAS project: to create a network of collaborations and activities throughout the territory through stakeholder mapping; secondly, the development of new business ideas, which are to be integrated into the tourism network and the enhancement of cultural heritage.

Experts like Maurizio Testa intervened to strengthen these goals, in the previous workshops, bringing the ARTĖS project to Cividale, for the development of experiential tourism products, experienced by the participants through the guided tour of the town, with the guide and tourism consultant Giovanna Tosetto. A way to experience the changes in tourism and how operators should study a tailored product: today's tourist is above all a consumer and the product must be sewn on its interests and needs.
Digital tools, on the other hand, are the theme of the second workshop, edited by Paolo Omero of InfoFactory: it has made the most of the possibilities and use of digital technology to promote activities and products effectively.
The last workshop will therefore be used to return a complete and innovative training from the point of view of the proposed tools, giving the operators the opportunity to develop and make their own product.

This training was possible thanks to the European project ATLAS, Interreg Italy-Croatia, supported by the professionals involved in the workshops, but also from Europe, which included the project in the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. An important label assigned to Interreg programs that more than others promote activities for the discovery of cultural heritage. Moreover, only in October, the ATLAS project was included an ebook created to promote the European year dedicated to culture, which contains only about eighty of the Interreg projects that have contributed in a worthy way to the enhancement of cultural heritage.

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