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Service export radar, a useful tool for directing your export on international markets

  • 3 May 2021

The opinion of the first certified servitization manager in Europe This project is supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund. “The service export radar developed within the ProsperAMnet project will be a very useful tool for boosting service export performance of Advanced Manufacturing in Central Europe” says Italian Alessandra Gruppi, first certified servitization manager in Europe.

“ “The radar - she explains – allows to address the internationalization strategies of the SMEs on foreign markets, strategies in which servitization can play a crucial role”. According to Gruppi, servitization represents a great opportunity, not only to face the evolutionary trends of the internal market, but also to seize opportunities for development on new foreign markets, especially in those in which the culture of customers is not anchored to the holding of the good, but rather to the use value that the product can provide. “Servitization shifts the focus from price comparison to use” - she explains. “This allows internationalization strategies to set the methods for entering new markets without negatively affect price positioning. Furthermore, in financially weak markets, it could be an additional tool for diversifying and increasing competitiveness. The servitization strategy also requires a greater knowledge of the customer, financial solidity, as well as a strong belief in the validity and effectiveness of the product / service that is being sold.” Finally, for companies aiming to go international and make the most of new technologies to get a competitive advantage, Gruppi’s suggestion is not to focus only on new “product” or “factory” technologies.

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