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KET4CleanProduction conference

  • 9 May 2021

We report the KET4CleanProduction Conference - the project that brings together the technological centers of SMEs and KETs throughout Europe - scheduled for 10 June 2021.

On the occasion of the event, SMEs will be able to get in touch with the Technology Centers active in the field of enabling technologies to identify opportunities to strengthen their competitiveness.

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are essential for improving the innovation capacities and competitiveness of SMEs. They include: #Nanotechnologies #AdvancedMaterials #Biotechnologies #AdvancedManufacturing #Photonics #Nanoelectronics

The link for registration to the presentation event of the KET4CleanProduction platform is already active (link: Agenda) and to the platform:

The event is part of the activities of the KET4CleanProduction project - which sees our partner Joanneum Research actively engaged - and is organized in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network.



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