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Friuli Innovazione: positive numbers also in 2018

  • 20 December 2018

The 2018 Pre-Balance and the 2019 preliminary Budget has been presented to the Board of Directors. The result of the 2018 fiscal year (before taxes) is very positive, with total revenues exceeding 2 million euros.

2019 is goin to be particularly intense and challenging, with revenues expected to reach almost 3 million Euros, thanks to the new European projects recently won. In fact, in January, 4 new resources will enter the Friuli Innovazione team and further resources will be hired in the first half of the year.  Positioning and strategy also changing.

President Scarpa declares: "Science and Technology Park, Incubator or Business Accelerator, Research and Technology Transfer Center are expressions that inevitably link us to the past and constrain obsolete organizational models. Friuli Innovazione must also experiment with new organizational models that go beyond simple network and node logics. 
We work daily with communities: community of startuppers, innovators, companies, investors, researchers, European partners, dynamically building relationships of value that increasingly become projects, and sometimes businesses. It is a "fluid world" made up of open ecosystems whose areas of collaboration and integration are continually reconfigured. This is why we should learn to be ourselves the place where these ecosystems meet, develop and reconfigure".

Today these "places" are called platforms. This is why, from today, Friuli Innovazione will qualify as "InnovAction Platform".

A new challenge whose numbers and details will be presented in the usual press conference that will follow the approval of the 2018 Budget by the Shareholders' Meeting. Full confidence has been confirmed to the Director Feruglio and to all the staff who have been able to grow Friuli Innovazione towards unexpected goals and consolidate a reputation of excellence at European level recognized by the esteem of over 200 partners with whom the European projects have been realized.

The President Scarpa declares: "We need to focus on skills, on the quality of resources, on management skills, on openness and availability to productive collaborations and meritocracy. It is not easy, it is not always recognized, especially when communication prevails over the ability to analyze the facts. Friuli Innovation is also a difference in this, a difference that often makes the difference in the collaborations that we start every day".


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