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The DIVA project for cultural and creative enterprises between Italy and Slovenia has been approved

  • 20 November 2018

Friuli Innovazione and the project partners receive the start for DIVA, an Interreg Italia-Slovenia program, worth € 3 million.
20 cultural and creative ideas will be selected with an innovative digital project to be developed within DIVA.

The goal is the creation of ecosystems and value chains that connect, with innovative technologies, the creative and traditional industries of the cross-border economy.
The project, starting in March 2019, will be the support tool for cultural and creative companies that have an idea or an innovative model to be developed. In this program, Friuli Innovazione provides the certified business incubator and the skills to support companies and startups in the ICC sector.

DIVA modes and objectives

Projects will be selected in the areas of art, culture, creativity and entrepreneurship; the companies that will participate will be able to receive specialist consulting, mentoring and mentoring services, which will also be carried out through workshops with the adoption of interdisciplinary approaches, dedicated to the development of innovative ideas to generate new business models.
Through these activities, the DIVA project wants to put in place a link between the creative sectors and the traditional enterprise: an innovative eco-system in which companies, public administrations and research centers will be directed to facilitate collaboration and hybridization of creative industries and traditional.
The aim is to put creativity at the service of local economies and develop virtuous models of collaboration, which can also tackle the digital transformation that is taking place in markets and businesses. The project will take advantage of innovative methodologies and tools such as Desing Thinking approaches for the development of new ideas, and unreleased interdisciplinary collaborations to increase the rate of innovation within companies.


Lead partner for the development of this new creative industry in the DIVA project, is the Delta Lagunare Chamber of Commerce, Industry Trade, with the participation of fifteen partners, both Italian and Slovenian. For Friuli Venezia Giulia the Luigi Danieli Technological and Scientific Park, Area Science Park, Informest and the FVG Region.

Friuli Innovation for Creative and Cultural Enterprises

Friuli Innovazione has been an incubator and accelerator of creative and cultural ideas and startups, accompanying them in a process of growth and start-up of the business. Last August, some of these were awarded the first four places in the ranking of the regional call for funding for Cultural, Creative and Tourist Enterprises: Albergo Diffuso of Sauris, Creaa Snc, Quasar Srl and Uponadream Studio

Last but not least, recent surveys on companies in the FVG Region indicate more than five thousand active cultural enterprises: 2259 creative industries, 2690 cultural, 214 performing arts and visual arts and 16 of historical and artistic heritage. The partnership with Slovenia, in this project, aims therefore to develop an innovative ecosystem, in which new cross-border business models and tools can be born.

Discover the Acceleration Course for Cultural, Creative and Tourist Enterprises of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

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