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Social innovation. Let's talk about it

  • 19 september 2019
  • Teatro Palamostre, Piazza Paolo Diacono 21 - 33100 Udine

Welcome to the frequencies of social innovation, as part of the European project "SIAA - Social Impact for the Alps Adriatic Region" the Talk Show presented by Filippo Solibello "Social innovation" is staged. "Let's talk about it".

Speakers include:

Gino Colla, Animaimpresa network | Fabrizio Cattelan, CDA srl | Chiara Cristini, IRES | Giovanni Dotti, Catholic University | Alessandro Castenetto, Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia | Christina Staubmann, Caritas Carinthia | Fabio Feruglio, Friuli Innovazione

The appointment is at the Palamostre Theater in Udine at 17.00.

The free tickets available on Eventbrite, for organizational reasons, allow access to the evening until 4.45 pm.

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