Agriculture is one of the sectors that are difficult to manage and can not be standardized in terms of operations and safety, and this is where our SOFìA project wants to start.

Users of products and services are small and medium-sized farms that have the need to manage the "safety problem" and do not have the skills and technical knowledge to set the security at the company level using the appropriate personal protection devices .

"Sowing culture, cultivating knowledge, collecting security" is our motto: SOFìA stems from the desire to spread the culture of safety, as an indisputable weapon to combat the scourge of accidents at work, through the creation of management tools and application techniques for the company security management. SOFìA was born in the field of university research: the entire study and experimentation activity was developed by students, researchers and professors of the DISA (Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) and the SPRINT group of the University of Udine.

Among its recently conceived products, SOFìA has prototyped a glove called "Fingersafe" for safety at work able not only to withstand very high pressures and forces (over 1,000 Newtons), but also to dissipate energy, thus significantly reducing the damage from crushing the operator, with a project that proposes a close link between innovation and application, with greater protection of hands from the risk of crushing at moderate costs.

If applied to other types of work activities, research could lead to the development of new studies and the consequent creation of more performing and more competitive products.

Furthermore, the team is developing a series of new sensors and applications to make agricultural and food processing safer.

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