Handbook for "TRAIN THE TRAINER"

This handbook is aimed at members of business support organisations (consultants/trainers/teachers) as well as NGOs working in the field of social and economic integration (social workers/trainers/guides) who wish to support their users - in particular migrants and/or third-country nationals (TCN)- in acquiring the basic tools for shaping social entrepreneurship and in acquiring the basics of developing entrepreneurship and setting up a business, step by step.

By browsing the BEST Project's "Training Manual for Trainers", you will be able to deepen the content, recommendations and good practices identified thanks to the joint work of seven partners within the European BEST project.

The handbook aims to respond to the need to develop specific measures and create the appropriate structures to give access to information and provide support to third-country nationals so that they can become self-employed and/or start their own business. The last decade has seen an increase in the contribution of migrants' entrepreneurial activities in Europe. Their contribution is significant for economic growth and job creation, often thanks to the renewal of forgotten arts and crafts. Migrant entrepreneurs become crucial to the integration of other migrants into the labour market in the long term and create an important bridge for the global market.



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