The BOOST5 project, capitalizing on the results of 5 previous Italy-Croatia projects, will accelerate the adoption of an effective methodology for the promotion of sustainable tourism, a balanced recovery in the post-Covid era and the revitalization of the natural and cultural heritage of the territories involved. .

Through a multilevel operational approach, BOOST5 will aim to eliminate the main obstacles that limit the full development of sustainable tourism; promote the implementation of ideas that are an expression of communities; investigate new market opportunities linked to changes in sustainability policies; promote territorial synergies and environmental awareness; pave the way for the recognition of “green label” and “0 impact tourism” destination credentials.

The implementation will focus on the collection and analysis of best practices in the field of cultural itineraries, involving relevant stakeholders (tourism operators, ICC and cultural operators, local actors, political decision makers, public institutions, etc.) in the concrete understanding and enhancement territories, providing them with tools and knowledge for the co-creation of new tourist routes and for monitoring and understanding the needs of tourists / users.

Thanks to the transfer and reuse of project resources, BOOST5 will activate a multiplier effect that can be adapted to the context for a better distribution of tourist flows at a geographical level and a better response to unexpected / negative events that may affect the sector (such as Covid19, international crises , etc.).


30th of June 2023


The project has an overall budget of € 597,325, partly financed by EU resources for a total of € € 507,726.25.


Tecnopolis PST – Bari

Friuli Innovazione

SIPRO Agenzia Provinciale per lo sviluppo – Ferrara

STEP RI – Rijeka

Regione Marche

Regione Zaratina

Comune di Rijeka

Ente regionale patrimoni culturale FVG

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