The SPATA project is a research and development project on an innovative laser-scanner-based technological system to detect vehicle profiles. The system will be located at the entrance of port areas to get indications on the vehicles entering the port and the loads they carry, in a fully automatic way.
The final aim of the project is to develop a system that allows the port authorities to have detailed data on the vehicles passing through the port area in real-time, so as to automatically identify parameters such as: number and type of vehicles in transit, size of vehicles and their loads, detection of vehicle shapes and tracking of ISO codes for containers.

This will give the ports significant benefits in terms of reducing the number of manual operations to inspect the means, availability of statistical information on the port activity and more efficient management of vehicle and goods embarkation. The results of the project will be: algorithms for the construction of 3D images of vehicles obtained from sensor scans and for the identification of specific "patterns" in 3D images; a neural model that allows common "features" to be extracted in the different vehicle classes; algorithms to determine the volume and load of the vehicles; a prototype and operational system that automatically provides all the data described above.


spata poster


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