Analysis platform and comparison of breast tomosynthesis images

Partners: Datamind, ASUITs, Tecnologie Avanzate

Currently there are no specific software platforms on the market to correlate multiple DBT (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis) images acquired at different times. Existing technologies only allow a parallel display of volumes and navigation of one volume at a time. The comparison is therefore subject to the experience of the radiologist-senologist, takes a long time as the deformation of the breast has to be taken into account between one acquisition and another, and it must be repeated every time the patient's images need to be analysed retrospectively.

The goal of the project is to develop a software platform that supports the senologist in the interpretation of DBT images and that fully exploits the information provided by the new 3D technology, increasing the performance of screening programs and radiological studies.

The platform will be able to manage DBT images and display them in an optimised manner for the intended application, and will provide automatic synchronisation of positions between two 3D images, which facilitates simultaneous navigation. This is made possible by the use of image recording methods that take into account non-rigid structure deformations.

With this product radiologists will be able to significantly improve the evaluation of screening mammograms by reducing the time required per case, increasing their confidence and preventing errors.




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