The project includes research activities on new materials and development of design solutions for the construction of a new modular system of cruise ship internal partitions, based on the use of self-supporting panels with A60 and A0 marine class fire insulation features.

The final goal of the project is the development of a new system of lighter panels, but with the same fire resistant features that will lead to the replacement of a large percentage of firebreak partitions on board cruise ships that are currently made of steel.

This will make it possible to eliminate most of the hot working when fitting out the ship, reduce waste material from the working, reduce the weights of the upper part of the ship with benefits in terms of improvement in the ship’s stability and passenger comfort. The expected results of the project are: the design of the panel system from a theoretical (fire insulation capacity and strength), construction (weight and cost) and operational (assembly process) point of view; the parametric mathematical model for simulating fire tests of fire-resistant components for naval applications; simplified analytical models supporting the thermo-mechanical design of the components; prototype of the innovative panel system that is able to pass the certification and homologation tests.


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