GGTDoors - Green Gas Tight Doors

Application of the GGT Doors project is intended for the naval and offshore field. The goal is to develop a key technological element for safety in the marine sector: an innovative door for gas tightness, which uses a product obtained from the reuse of waste materials and additives of natural origin, without the use of gas or high temperature treatments during production as an insulation material instead of the traditional rock wool.

GGT Doors wants to create a high-performance ecological door that meets the most stringent regulations in the Oil & Gas sector, through the use of new construction solutions that at the same time allow use of recycled and ecological materials, paints and cleantech additives and passes all the tests relating to gas tightness, burst resistance, fire resistance and marine corrosion. The result of the project will consist in the manufacture of a prototype that meets the specific requirements in the design phase: less weight, less overall thickness, better sound insulation, improvement in terms of thermal insulation, resistance to corrosion and degradation in the marine atmosphere, as well as compliance with the fire resistance requirements. The prototype will also allow a reduction in the fume emission during a fire, without the release of toxic products and with a consequent advantage in terms of environmental sustainability.
The project is financed by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia as part of the ROP ERDF 2014-2020.



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