Currently there are many families of coating materials that can be applied on different substrates through very different deposition technologies. The coatings have always been essential to improve the properties of materials: from the prevention of wear, erosion and corrosion, to thermal insulation and to the enhancement of important functional characteristics. Competitive development pushes towards continuous innovation in this sector and scientific and technological research, both nationally and internationally, appears to be very active.
This research project stems from the need to search for innovative and environmentally compatible alternatives to traditional galvanic coatings (chrome, hard chrome or nickel plating), currently used in various industrial sectors, which present high toxicity.

The "Thermal Spray" deposition and vapor deposition techniques, object of study, will allow the development of new knowledge, know-how, and innovative technological processes in the field of cermet and ceramic coatings, favoring the promotion of an activity of functional research to the development of the territory, given the impact on a large number of companies representing the manufacturing sector and the increase of the skills of the Laboratory of Metallurgy and Technology of Surfaces and Advanced Materials of Friuli Innovazione.


  • Friuli Innovazione, gestore del progetto
  • Università dgli Studi di Udine
  • Stark spa
  • Corbellini spa


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