Study and application of active noise control systems on boats and ships

In recent years there has been a strong competition between boat builders, both in terms of transport vessels, both passenger ships and large yachts. An increasingly demanding clientele has pushed designers and builders to pay particular attention to improving on-board comfort, which thus becomes one of the strategic aspects for the success of the product. The SASCAR project aims to study solutions to improve noise and vibration mitigation systems on boats of any size and type, to make the navigation experience for passengers more comfortable and enjoyable and to reduce the noise exposure of board personnel. . The state of the art of traditional systems of noise and vibration control is based on the use of passive methods, that is, sound-proofing and / or sound-absorbing materials and anti-vibration materials which however offer little effectiveness in the propagation of low sound waves. frequency. The application of an active noise control system (ANC - Active Noise Control), dedicated to the control of emissions with low-frequency components propagated by some on-board systems (ventilation and air conditioning systems, generators), thus represents an innovative and effective approach where traditional soundproofing systems are ineffective (typically the frequency range 50-500Hz). At the end of the project it is planned to obtain a data base relating to the noise produced by the systems on board ships or yachts. Furthermore, an ANC system will be developed, in its hardware and software components, which is versatile and suitable to control the noise typical of environments with passengers' stay. The system will be optimized in order to be effective and economical, and possibly designed in different configurations to adapt to all the different problems that may occur.i.


Esion s.r.l., capofila
Università degli Studi di Udine
Friuli Innovazione, Centro di Ricerca e di Trasferimento Tecnologico
Consorzio per l'Alta Ricerca Navale - RINAVE




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