The goal of Re-Freedom is to create a stable and consolidated network of knowledge on the opportunities offered by new technologies (ICT, domotics, new materials, ergonomics, etc.) to improve the quality of life at home for the elderly and disabled, and to support effective and efficient provision of home services able to delay (hopefully eliminate) the need for institutionalization, reserving this solution for the elderly and disabled who need specialized and continuous assistance.
Will be set up a network of apartments animated by a group of multidisciplinary researchers (technological, design, medical, etc.) of the Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation that will interface directly with end users, who in turn will have access to the latest information on products and services dedicated to them and available at an international level, as well as being able to directly prove their effectiveness. Researchers will be able to use data and information coming from the end users themselves, studying their needs and expectations and in a logic of Universal Design, to create innovative systems, products and services "for everyone". Therefore, a real research activity will be carried out on social sustainability, taking the ICF international guidelines (improving the environmental and social context allows to reduce the effects of physical "disability").


  • Comune di Udine
  • Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation
  • Friuli Innovazione, Centro di Ricerca e di Trasferimento Tecnologico


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