The aim of the initiative is to combine at best the existing knowledge and skills in a single production chain that leads to the realization of a final product totally realized within the Chair District, characterized by the District Quality Mark that certifies it , in addition to the complete made in Italy, the quality and originality of the Friuli sector.
Realizing this initiative in collaboration with the University of Udine, once again we want to bring the research world closer to the business realities, in particular the chair sector in which the main actors are micro enterprises that, given their size, often Research and therefore innovation can not be allowed, with particular reference to the introduction of new processes, mainly dealing with subcontracting companies.
It is also the goal of the project to spread the importance of aggregation among the local companies, which can then more easily take on international dimensions from a local one. It will then be the task of Friuli Innovazione to provide all the tools necessary for the participation of these enterprises in Community initiatives.


  • Friuli Innovazione
  • Università degli Studi di Udine.

Companies involved

  • FORSED srl
  • ALEMA di Mocchiutti & C. snc
  • Levigatura MUSIG snc
  • Romanutti Legno di Romanutti Mario & C. sas
  • Leatherland srl
  • Segheria Rosa srl
  • Studio Design Arch. Marco Baldanello



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