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The Domotica Friuli Venezia Giulia project was born with the aim of making our region become an international reference for the research, development, production and diffusion of home automation systems.

For home automation systems we mean systems that integrate in the house a set of technologies to improve comfort, safety, reliability, to reduce energy consumption and to manage and control the devices inside it. However, the project did not address only the "home" sector, but sought to identify potential applications to be transferred to other "confined spaces", such as ships, hospital rooms, vehicles of all types, centers congresses, etc. The project initiative focused on the following five topics: telematics for connectivity, energy, safety and control systems, applications of innovative materials, lighting systems, safety, health and ergonomics.
The purpose was twofold, on the one hand, to promote the transfer of technologies from other sectors to new applications and, on the other hand, to encourage the implementation of research projects in the framework of regional, national and international programs for the development of new home automation prototypes to be produced and commercialized on a large scale.


  • AREA Science Park 
  • Friuli Innovazione
  • Agemont 
  • Polo tecnologico di Pordenone 
  • in collaborazione con la Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation


At the end of the second year of the project, 840 customized company contacts were reached, 399 cards collected, 36 needs collected from individual companies, 26 potential project ideas identified, 13 potential projects identified overall.
Of the 27 business needs identified by Friuli Innovazione, 17 could be considered as potential project ideas; in particular, Friuli Innovazione has undertaken relationships with both companies and public bodies, highlighting a need for the implementation of home automation services aimed at the elderly and the disabled, and PPM cards ranging from photovoltaics, to integrated home automation and power management , bio-medical prevention systems and the multidisciplinary planning of work environments oriented to the person.

Among the multidisciplinary project initiatives (which include the development of avant-garde demonstration facilities) with a plurality of actors, the leader presented the project "PRESTO A CASA - Innovative models for temporary homes dedicated to users with sub-acute and sensory physical disabilities. ". In addition to AREA, the project involved the involvement of various public partners: the Promotion and Social Protection Area of ​​the Municipality of Trieste, the Trieste Ater, the Province of Trieste and the Complex Structure of Rehabilitation Medicine of the University Hospital "Ospedali Riuniti di Trieste".

Furthermore, as part of the multidisciplinary activities, mention is made of the "Open Source SW Platform" project for the integration of pre-existing domotic devices and systems, using technologies, communication channels and heterogeneous and incompatible protocols and facilitating the development collaborative of new applications and new customizable interfaces. The project was realized with the contribution of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Udine, with the consequent development of a first working demonstrator prototype based on the integration of different domotic solutions made available by 2 regional companies.

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