The INNOVAREéIMPRESA project was presented to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in March 2006, within the framework of the axis D - Objective 3 (2000/2006) of the European Social Fund, Measure 4 aimed at "improving human resources in the research sector and technological development ", in line with regional policies aimed at favoring the construction of a regional innovation system based on the diffusion of innovation culture in companies.

Approved with regional resolution of 7/7/2006, the project started in November 2006 and ended March 31, 2008.
INNOVAREéIMPRESA had the objective of encouraging the development of innovative processes within small and microenterprises (gathered in homogeneous groups by sector, geographical area or business problem) through the development of research projects that companies will promote thanks to the support and to the advice of scholarship holders (researchers), identified and selected in the area within the project itself.



Lead partner: IAL FVG

The other partners involved:

  • Friuli Innovazione
  • Confartigianato Udine
  • Confartigianato Pordenone
  • Job&School



The initial activity was to collect the companies' accessions to the project by completing the research questionnaire. Once a large group of participating companies has been identified (127 in total), the companies have been divided into panels, or sub-groups, based on the type of activity carried out or the manifestation of common needs and critical issues. Each panel was then involved through moments of discussion and discussion, the focus groups, within which, with the support of professors, researchers and expert consultants, reflections and insights were developed on the needs identified by the companies and the foundations were laid for the identification of intervention project proposals. These solutions have been translated into operational projects (or project-work) realized with the support of researchers (research grant holders) assigned to the individual aggregated clusters, which will help companies overcome their problems by implementing competitive development projects.


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