Transactiva Srl è una PMI operante nel settore delle biotecnologie con sede presso Friuli Innovazione. Fondata nel 2001 da ricercatori con provata esperienza nel campo della biologia molecolare e della ingegneria genetica.


Transactiva Srl is an SME operating in the biotechnology sector based at Friuli Innovazione. Founded in 2001 by researchers with proven experience in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering, the company is an R&D centre for therapeutic molecules whose production is unachievable by chemical synthesis and requires the application of innovative biotechnologies.

Transactiva is a leader in molecular farming of therapeutic proteins in plants and as such it interfaces with the pharmaceutical industry with large production facilities and a well-established promotion and sales organisation. With this in mind, Transactiva can rightly be considered a research-based company serving industry.


The use of transgenic plants in the industrial production of drugs has several advantages over other systems based on the culture of plant, animal, bacterial or yeast cells. These include high processing efficiency, the ability to generate genetically stable production varieties, reduced capital investment and operating costs, the rapid increase in production scale and the elimination of the risk of contamination of pathogens such as viruses and mycoplasmas.



  • Recombinant human beta-glucosidase
  • Recombinant human acid maltase
  • Recombinant human alpha-galactosidase A
  • Idiotype-specific vaccines against non-Hodgkin's lymphomas


The activities of Transactiva are aimed at registering drugs containing active ingredients extracted from genetically-transformed plant tissues. This goal can be achieved through the implementation of cooperation agreements with the pharmaceutical industry to provide services and transfer intellectual property that is relevant to the specific case.

Some of the services normally requested from Transactiva include the development of the expression vector, transformation of the host plant species, selection of the production line and establishment of SSB and MSB seed banks.

The consultancy service mainly concerns the development of methods of extraction/purification of the molecule of interest that can be used industrially, execution of pre-clinical tests (pharmacological activity, toxicology), characterisation of the production line from a morphological-physiological and molecular viewpoint (nature and site of the insertion, stability of expression), the implementation of a quality system in compliance with the provisions given by the regulatory agencies, drafting of documents for compiling the DMF or dossiers for scientific opinion applications from the regulatory agencies.
Transactiva is eager to strengthen and expand its relationship with the medium and large industry and is ready to consider proposals for the co-development of molecules designed outside of its scope of work.



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