Established in 1991, ThermoKey has been manufacturing heat exchangers of various types for over 25 years and is currently internationally known as the ideal partner for manufacturers of cooling units in the AC, refrigeration and cooling process fields.


ThermoKey exchangers range from finned-packed cores, unit coolers, liquid coolers and remote condensers both with round tube and aluminium microchannel technology. The company supplies OEM and installers from the most important district of the sector, the Italian North-East, where it has developed a distinctive know-how: the ability to quickly identify and deliver the best solution to meet the client’s needs.

All products are completely engineered, developed and manufactured within the company, with the cooperation of international certification institutions. Alongside the broad range of exchangers present in our catalogue, there are special exchangers, engineered following the specific needs of the customer.

Thanks to an extremely flexible production and IT process and also to a team of engineers and salesmen focused on each of our clients’ specific needs, ThermoKey offers performing products which are engineered and delivered in the shortest possible time. The company is able to supply solutions for industrial air-conditioning, refrigeration and industrial cooling.


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