Tecnologie Avanzate T.A. was founded in 1974. Since its establishment it has introduced on the Italian market innovative medical technologies in the field of nuclear physics and RX diagnostics. It has progressively focused on advanced systems such as solid-state dosimetry, nuclear medicine with special detectors and DSP technology and accelerators integrated with imaging.

In the following years the company has expanded its range of products opening up to new sectors such as radiotherapy, neurosurgery, radiology and imaging, establishing exclusive partnerships with multinational companies leaders in these sectors and with research centers at the forefront of software development, algorithms and clinical trials.

Today, thanks to its extensive experience in the oncology, neurosurgery, radiation protection and medical physics field, the company has several exclusive distribution contracts in Italy and numerous installations in the main national reference centers.

Scientific collaborations with centers of excellence and a continued investment in research projects at national and international level have allowed Tecnologie Avanzate T.A. to expand its expertise and extend the offered solutions to various sectors in the medical field.

The company idea is based on continuous research and development of new technologies to support customers with specific needs that market fails to satisfy. An idea based on competences, continuous training, curiosity and dynamism.

TA R&D team in Udine is dedicated to managing collaborations with national and international centers.

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