SupplHi is the digital ecosystem for industrial goods and services.

Through digital innovation it solves a typical problem of industrial plant engineering: bringing buyers and sellers in the sector into contact all over the world.
With Passion, Competence and Integrity SupplHi creates more opportunities, increases efficiency and qualified visibility and reduces costs along the entire industrial supply chain.


SupplHi relies on 2,250 merchandise categories, 17,000 suppliers in 110 geographies and 5500 projects. The focus is the $ 900 billion global market of critical supplies for plant engineering in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Renewable, Shipbuilding, Mining, Infrastructure and adjacent sectors.
The categorization of 2250 supplies of goods and services (eg valves, pumps, engineering services, maintenance, logistics, ...) is at the center of the whole ecosystem and allows - for the first time - the sharing of a common language within the industrial world.


SupplHi is a one-stop-shop solution for procurement, sales & marketing professionals.

SupplHi solutions allow:
• buyers to greatly reduce costs for scouting, qualification and assessment of suppliers, while increasing compliance (Act as a Buyer)
• suppliers - free of charge - to be pre-qualified and potentially contacted by RFI by international buyers (Vendor Registration)
• the qualification, carried out in technical partnership with Lloyd's Register, of the ability of a supplier to realize complex supplies (Vendor Passport TM)
• to know the market for specific industrial supplies, constantly updated on the basis of more than 5,000 projects in all segments of the Oil & Gas industry, globally (Market Compass)
• to achieve extremely focused market analysis for industrial supplies, business plans, review of the internal categorization of goods and services (Tailor Made)
• through API - integration with ERP, CRM and engineering design systems, as well as technological development activities in the Blockchain field for Vendor Rating and Machine Learning for the categorization of industrial goods and services (Digital Solutions)

SupplHi's technical partners include national and international players such as: Lloyd's Register, Hexagon PPM, SACE, ANIMP, AIPE, AIS-ISA.

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