SMS group is a global, leading partner for the metal industry.


SMS group S.p.A. was originally founded as S.I.M.A.C. S.p.A. in 1969.
The company mainly focuses on design & construction, commissioning and complete after-sale service of hot rolling mill plants.
Ever since the early beginning of its activity, SMS group S.p.A. has distinguished for its endless research in science & technology, thus being at the forefront of innovation.
The continuous commitment to develop technical solutions to meet customers’ expectations has enabled SMS group S.p.A. to gain and hold several technical patents as well as to be highly successful on the worldwide market.
In the 90s, its large success drew the attention of SMS group the most signi¬cant global player in plant design & construction as well as mechanical engineering for the steel and non-ferrous metal processing industry.
Hence, SMS group has selected SMS group S.p.A. as its excellence partner.

The change of its name into “SMS Meer S.p.A.” in 2005 and into “SMS group S.p.A.” in 2016 indicates a full integration with the SMS core values of innovation, reliability and customer service.
SMS group S.p.A. is a partner of the major steelmakers and specializes in the production of:

- Meltshops and related auxiliary areas
- Reheating furnaces and heat treatment lines,
- Hot rolling mills
- Mini-mill plants
- Turnkey jobs

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