Simbiotica Srl

Simbioica offers sustainable microbial solutions to farms, specifically biostimulants to improve crop production and soil health.

Simbiotica is a B2B company offering biotechnology services to farms looking to start or improve an organic portfolio.


Specifically, it performs:
(i) the development of soil amendments. It introduces an innovative method to identify beneficial strains that are compatible when in consortium and can provide synergistic beneficial effects. To verify the ability of strains to enhance growth, all necessary tests are performed under laboratory, greenhouse, and field conditions, including testing in certified organizations.
(ii) (ii) microbial surveys - microbial mapping, a service that allows for the identification of key functional groups for soil and plant well-being and monitoring of changes/improvements in the natural microbial community

Simbiotics promotes sustainable agriculture by offering organic solutions that help reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. The goal is to enhance the innate aptitude of natural microorganisms associated with plants, particularly beneficial bacteria, to solve agronomic needs. The company's core business is to offer services and prototypes of bioproducts to agribusinesses wishing to start or improve an organic portfolio. Simbiotica's pipeline ranges from isolating and characterizing bacterial strains to conducting field trials in certified organizations. The team includes experts in agricultural microbiology who can identify and propose solutions for many agronomic challenges (e.g. increasing the supply of elements such as N and P, increasing resistance to abiotic stresses such as drought, among others).

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