Sech Building Srl

Sech Building is a consulting company that brings together partners and collaborators with different professional experiences. To support companies in the management of their evolutionary cycle in all its phases: initial assessment of business or investment ideas, development of ideas and fundraising, design, planning, implementation and reporting.



Field of activity
Sech Building proposes itself as a unique interlocutor in the fundraising sector and in the related one of construction & facility management, able to assume the operational and technical responsibility of a complex project, accompanying customers in the choice of innovative solutions for the success of their projects.

Corporate Objectives
Our goal is to help companies achieve their objectives. Every day we transform the passion for this work into effective business development projects for our clients, with competence, intelligence and a pinch of creativity. The ultimate goal is to offer you a unique partner to simplify the management of business aspects related to your development and optimization processes.

Areas of expertise
Diversified areas of expertise allow our network to offer services that meet a wide range of requirements and provide advice on incentives, costs and procedures.

Consulting Services
- Consulting & Strategic Project Feasibility Analysis
- Redefinition of the vision of real estate assets
- Conception of income restructuring plans

Financial Services
-Investors Research & Fundraising
-Facilitated finance
-Assistance to contracting

Engineering Services
-Capitulation of the requirements of works and projects
-Planning, Coordination with BIM methodologies
-Surveillance of implementation of design processes

Real Estate Management Services
-Assistance to the activation of management of new RE assets
-Efficiency monitoring of management
-Identification of critical management issues

Cost Management
-Diagnosis services
-Cost management activities
-Services of organizational adaptation
-Selective outsourcing activities

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