Seamthesis Srl

Seamthesis Srl is a private research organisation and European competence centre on additive manufacturing, committed to provide advanced R&D, engineering, technology transfer to industries and training services.  We are active in aerospace, energy, oil and gas, automotive and transport, metal industry, industrial, biotech, food and beverage, luxury and fashion, environmental engineering and energy efficiency, artificial intelligence and simulation. 

Seamthesis Srl is a private R&D company, a Competence Centre and a Research Organisation according to national and European laws.

Its very name is intended to testify to the company's fundamental values: synergy, excellence, flexibility, efficiency: SEAM in fact stands for the junction that connects different parts in a performing and permanent continuum, while THESIS stands for proposal.
Since its creation, the spirit that has animated the founders of Seamthesis has been that of uniting existing excellences in order to progressively develop further and proprietary ones, creating an organic and well-structured whole, able to return an added value higher than the simple sum of the addends. This vision led to the choice of the name "Seamthesis".

The company is highly specialised in metallic and non-metallic materials, manufacturing processes and related production and transformation technologies, advanced material characterisation, performance evaluation (under simulated operating conditions) of products, systems and subsystems, product, system and component engineering, as well as technology transfer to enterprises. Within Seamthesis are located the core competencies of the Company, the order management, the activities, the services with higher added value, the operational functions and the main staff functions. The other services necessary to the management of the Company are acquired by the Network of Excellence, updated and qualified according to the company standards and the main international regulations.

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