Pakpobox Europe Srl

The Internet and e-commerce have changed consumer habits. Today, it is possible to buy any product via your smartphone from the comfort of your home or office. This tendency to make their purchases online is particularly widespread among young people. Traffic and pollution in urban centers have significantly increased, as well as the costs associated with the use of traditional delivery models, costs that operators tend to pass on to the consumer.

This is where the Smart Box Multiservices project comes in, with the idea of providing the right service at the right time. The development and marketing of the innovative Smart Box Multiservices, at the service of citizens and public and private operators, which allows first of all the automated delivery, collection and acceptance of parcels and mail. The essential aspect of the Smart Box Multiservices is the concentration in a single collection point in order to significantly reduce the miles covered by couriers, with obvious benefits on their economic management, in terms of environmental impact and general road conditions, optimizing traffic by reducing the number of logistic transports on the road by postal operators and couriers. With the use of Smart Box Multiservices the risk of missed deliveries will be avoided, which are one of the main problems and costs for operators and cause inconvenience, sometimes even economic, to users.

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