Metalmed Srl

MetalMed srl was founded on the need to develop a medical metal printing center in the FVG territory, focusing the activity on maxillofacial and dental medical devices defined by the dental technician.

Metalmed's goal is to be able to improve the 3D printing system of dental crowns adaptable to natural teeth or dental implants with the aim of restoring correct chewing and natural aesthetics to the smile of patients who have lost one or more teeth. In the same way, printing will be useful for the realization of total prosthetic devices for the creation of entire dental arches, in those situations of definitive edentulousness.

Metalmed has also been working for some time, in research and development, on the creation of customized surgical grids dedicated to the maxillofacial sector. These temporary medical devices are useful to give the patient the possibility to regenerate and increase the dimensions, both horizontal and vertical, of the mandibular or maxillary bone in order to give the doctor the possibility to find a correct dimension of bone in the patient, thus guaranteeing the possibility to insert dental implants, useful then for the correct chewing and aesthetics of the patient.

The objective that unites the two divisions of Metalmed is to develop medical devices, combined with existing technologies, that give the possibility to the vast majority of patients who have lost one or more teeth to be able to regain a stable and fixed mastication even in the most compromised and complex situations.


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