IDS - Interaction Design Solutions S.r.l.

Mission of IDS is to support customers to develop high-quality software in an effective and sustainable way. This is achieved also by promoting growth of skills and capabilities in customers’ teams.
IDS’ vision is that the software development process is transformed from being a cost factor to a strategic resource that empowers the customer with business agility.


Based on lessons learned from complex projects, IDS is driven to let its customers save time and money in 3 critical dimensions of the life cycle of software products: understanding what needs to be done, verifying what was done, and building it so that it can be maintained in the future. With IDS a number of critical mistakes can be avoided.

In one of the most challenging projects we are involved in, the SKA project which is building the largest radio telescope of the world, our suggestions on a sustainable testing process were awarded a “Best paper award” in the INCOSE 2020 conference.


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