COMET - Cluster of metalworking - is delegated by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia for the management of the metalworking system, starting from the sectors related to the industrial district of reference: mechanics, thermoelectromechanics, components, plastics and metal production.

The pimary objective is to make the companies of the territory interact and assist, in order to enhance their competitiveness in the face of the growing complexity of the reference markets, both Italian and foreign.

The COMET Cluster operates so that companies become part of a business combination, offering them support, comfort and training.

The aim and task of COMET is to encourage innovative activities, within the Cluster, by:

Promotion and sharing of facilities
Exchange and transfer of knowledge and skills
The creation of networks and collaboration between companies / organizations
COMET also plays an important role as a sensitizer, towards the companies belonging to the Cluster, on issues related to Industry 4.0, to keep the level of updating constant and to stimulate new innovative projects.

In fact, COMET is one of the main partners of Additive FVG, initiative of Friuli Innovazione, to support companies in the adoption of advanced production technologies, stimulate change in business models, improve skills and competitiveness through new technologies.

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