Check up S.r.l. has been based in Friuli Innovazione since 2016 with an innovative project for the development and production of electronic devices for medical and domestic use.


Check up was born in Treviso and has been operating since 1991 in the field of research, development and production of electronic devices with high innovative content, both for professional and domestic use.

It translates innovation into versatile and functional components, combining solid skills with a good dose of creativity. She never stops and continues to experiment with new solutions, to take new paths, to be curious. It continuously invests in research and development and since 2016 the establishment in the technological department within Friuli Innovazione has allowed the creation of a detached department for research and development of solutions and products in the IoT field. Since 2017 he has also collaborated in the IoT field with STMicroelectronics for the development of devices with voice and gesture control, in sensors, technologies in the AI ​​field and devices for sanitizing school classrooms.

Since 2018, again in the IoT field, he is a partner of the North American group Arrow for the EMEA market. The services offered generally concern problem solving, electronic design as well as production and testing.

The areas in which it operates are: medical / hospital, telecommunications, lighting, wellness, energy, domotics, electronics for domestic use, integrated technology in domestic and community furniture, vending machines, sports.

Check Up's many years of experience has now also led to the development of innovative research projects in collaboration with universities, polytechnics and science parks throughout Italy that concern the care of people, air and surfaces disinfection.

Check Up puts the health and well-being of people at the center of its activities. This is also demonstrated in the devices it develops, such as the air purifiers of the Aircub line, which sanitize closed compartments, such as wardrobes and shoe racks, destroying 99% of viruses, bacteria, VOCs and molds, leaving a delicate fragrance in the environment. But the novelty is in the Puricraft brand: a line consisting of ultra-high performance UVC purifiers and portable ionizers, which they will be launched on the market soon.



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