Beta 80 Group is an ICT company that was established in Friuli Innovazione in November 2016.



Beta 80 Group is an ICT company that was established in Friuli Innovazione in November 2016. It was founded in Milan in 1986 and today is among the Top 100 companies in Italy for the Information & Communication Technology sector. Thirty years after its foundation, it now has more than 400 employees, 6 offices in Italy and 4 internationally (2 in the USA, 1 in Brazil and 1 in Switzerland). The Beta 80 Group offers high- tech and innovative solutions, thanks to which it has a significant presence in the main market sectors including the Public Administration, Healthcare, Telco and Media, Finance, GDO & Retail, Industry and, Logistics.

The company operates through three Business Units:

  • Supply Chain & Warehouse Management: Stockager® and Runner® are the innovative proprietary systems of the Beta 80 Group for automated management of both traditional and automatic warehouses with installations in Italy and abroad. The Beta 80 Group is a certified SAP partner for SAP WM, SAP EWM and SAP TM solutions;
  • Emergency & Crisis Management, the proprietary Emma - emergency management technology is widespread nationally and internationally and is a leader in Italy for the management of Control Centres with specific solutions for emergency health services 118, single emergency number 112, local health services, firefighters, civil protection and law enforcement. Emma is also used for the management of Business Continuity in the private sector and in large structures and exhibition complexes;
  • ICT Services & Solutions, Solutions to support Digital Transformation, transversal to the market sectors, realized with agile approaches and innovative technologies. 

Beta 80 Group has established itself in Friuli Innovazione with the aim of developing innovative high quality solutions dedicated to emergency management, in particular healthcare, technical assistance (Fire Brigade) and Civil Protection. In this context, it works to develop projects related to the early warning to intercept alarm situations in advance and to use the 3D geographic technology for operating rooms in an evolved manner.


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