Arcadia Consulting

Arcadia Consulting deals with innovation and change processes for customers seeking cutting-edge development and solutions.

The consultancy of Arcadia aims:

  • to the digital transformation of learning and "people" processes
  • to the creation of innovative digital objects to facilitate communication and learning
  • to support organizations to become exponential

The services of Arcadia are many and made to deal with the change management with the companies according to different needs and reality:

  • research and development
  • digital transformation of people learning processes such as digital performance management, internal communication, real time feedback
  • digital objects and platforms, including apps and web apps, e-textbooks, behavioral simulators
  • strategic, managerial consulting and business model transformation
  • continuing education and the Arcadia AAL® Enhanced Learning Service
  • facilitating access to public resources
  • technology, including augmented reality, 3D map, augmented reality

Through its values ​​and the use of the most modern technologies, Arcadia wants to offer a new point of view to companies, and provide all the necessary tools for growth and development to companies that focus on people's work.

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